Miscellaneous Links

The Chai Riders Motorcycle Club does NOT promote, recommend, nor endorse any one person or organization with respect to the web links listed herein. The Chai Riders Motorcycle Club does promote, recommend, AND endorse Jewish causes, camaraderie, fun and safety on the motorcycle!

Remember, it’s the rider, not the ride! Be safe, be smart and have fun!

Do you know of a great site where we all can get some cool “doo-dad”? Met someone from another club and want to trade links? Email it to  [email protected] . We’ll post it!

Adventure Rider – Hall of Wisdom

Fight Your Speeding Ticket – Nolo.com

Fight Your Speeding Ticket – LifeHacker.com

Fight Your Speeding Ticket – WikiHow.com

Ultimate Journey

Motorcycle Maintenance – (Armen Amirian)

Adventure Rider Forums

Iron Butt Association

Ryders Alley

NYS Dept of Motorvehicles – Want Vanity plates etc…