Thank you for inquiring about the Chai Riders. Any questions: e mail us at [email protected]

As far as the Chai Riders go, the best thing to do is to come to one of our dinner meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Or join us for an official club ride, usually — but not always — on the 4th Sunday of each month (for times and locations click the Calendar link above). You will meet some of us and can decide for yourself if the Chai Riders Motorcycle Club is for you.

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Here is a little background anyway. We are a motorcycle club that stays in touch with Jewish culture and religion. We do many benefit rides, Jewish and Non-Jewish related to raise money. We have also gone for many years to Jewish camps to give rides and show our bikes to children with special needs.

We have had parties for Purim, Channukah, our “Bar Mitzvah” (13 years together) and any other reason we can come up with. We are involved with many other Jewish and Non-Jewish clubs. We do day events, weekends, parties and just plain old motorcycle rides — way too many to list. We are active and a founding member of the Jewish Motorcycle Alliance (JMA) and also an active member of the American Motorcyclists Association (Join or renew here AMA)

Our Bylaws state that we are motorcyclists with an interest in things Jewish. It also states that we support Israel, but it is up to each individual to interpret that for themselves. We are happy to say we have members who are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, nonobservant, kosher, non-kosher, etc. In fact, we have even had a couple non-Jewish members. Our members are accountants, bookkeepers, producers, jewelry makers, photographers, doctors, dentists, salespersons, brokers, realtors, technologists, a Rabbi or two (you’d never guess it) and just about every other profession you can think of. We have also been written about in many newspapers.

We come together to ride and bond, to kick tires (talk motorcycles and such), or to bench race (kinda like fish stories: “you shoulda seen the way I handled the bike on that road…”). Some members are not that active and some are at every event and function. Some ride a little (1000 miles or less) and some ride a lot (up to 30,000 miles a year so far).

So that is the not-so-short introduction to Chai Riders. Want the short version? We are a bunch of people who love motorcycles and are also interested in things Jewish. There is nothing to be afraid of. Come on down and meet us.

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.


Yours in motorcycling,

The Chai Riders Motorcycle Club